About us


The Academic Centre at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) provides advisory, educational, informative and other supportive activities for students and both academical and non-academical staff of the VŠE. The centre also offers psychological counselling helping students and university staff dealing with personal and work difficulties.

Organizational structure

The centre is directly under the Uiversity rectorate and provides above mentioned services to all students and staff of the Prague University of Economics and Business at the university premises. The services are provided by various staff of the University or external experts.

Our services

Academical Psychological Counselling

The Academical Psychological Counselling (APC) offers free counselling services to students, employees and sometimes alumni of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

The services provided include:

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Teaching Excellence

The Academic Centre focuses on supporting quality of university education by developing pedagogical and social skills of university lecturers. The Centre offers regular courses and workshops for doctoral students and lecturers at the beginning of their academic career. There is also a possibility of individual consultations, focused on the above mentioned skills, for any university lecturers or doctoral students.

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