Developing Pedagogical and Social-psychological Skills Course (for PhD students and VSE academical workers)

The course is designed mainly for PhD and post-doc students from the Prague University of Economics and Business. The attendants will get acquainted with teaching methods and other aspects of teaching at university level. Upon successful completion of the course, the certificate is issued.

Next course is expected to run in spring 2024.

Certificate terms:

  1. Individual Learning Log (app. 8 – 10 page written personal record of one´s learning in a structured form, based on self-study and reflection of own learning or teaching experience). More information in detail will be sent to you by the contact person (Kateřina Půbalová) upon your application to the course.
  2. Attendance of two seminars (the dates and types of seminars are always announced in advance, depending on the demand)
  3. Video – Training – preparation of 15-minute demonstration of your teaching („micro-teaching“) and participation at online video- or in-person training, with following reflection of gained feedback from peers and an instructor.
  4. Individual Project – application of the experience gained during the course into own real teaching plans (e.g., structured working plan of one lecture/seminar; a creation or a selection of active teaching methods for completion of teaching aims in a taught course; evaluation rubric for specific students’ activity, etc.); 1600 – 2000 words + attachments

Materials for the course can be found in the “Course material” section. The password is provided to participants at the beginning of the course. In order to appoach the section, it is needed to log in either from the University or via university VPN.